Readwhere publisher Digital publishing & distribution made easy
About Readwhere Publisher
Readwhere publishing is a do - it yourself publishing platform. It takes your PDF(prepress) and ePub files & digitizes the same for delivery across web, mobile and tablet devices. Our geo-delivery engine further distributes this content on the cloud so that the solution is fast and provides instant gratification.
It also makes management of the pages very easy, content augmentation a breeze and provides detailed analytics on the consumption of your content.

Completely Web based

All you need is a web browser, a Readwhere account for publishing your prepress pdf & ePub files and you are set to enable enhanced digital circulation and distribution of your publication.

Completely White Labeled

Run readwhere publisher on your domain with your branding. It can integrate seamlessly into your existing website.

Publication Security & Global Distribution

On readwhere your publications are secured against unauthorised download & sharing. The content is dirtibuted globally & provides a zippy viewer experience.

User & Account

Manage publications & set up privileges for publishing by creating sub-users.
Enable distributed workloads for amazing output from your teams.

Analytics & Subscribers Management

Realtime analytics of your publications for who is viewing what, from which geographics region & which content is getting the most traction.

Monetize your Publications, Setup Paid Content (Premium)

Sell on readwhere store with advanced multiple online payment options such as Debit cards, Credit cards, Net banking, PayPal and 1-click mobile payment solution (Pay via sms).

Page Augmentation & Section Management

Augment your digital publications with videos, hyperlinks, forms, polls, image slideshows & many other plug-ins. Create an outstanding experience with multimedia & leverage digital appropriately.
Move pages real time and create sections for better navigation and content discovery.

Readwhere Store

A central location where all visitors can discover publications, subscribe & share content. Enhanced meta search makes it easy for relevant content to bubble up on top.

Readwhere Viewer

A customized viewer to display content based on publication type (newspapers, magazines, books etc) and access mechanism (web, mobile, tablet etc).
The viewer is built upon HTML 5 to enable speedy rendering of your publication.
Readwhere Apps
With readwhere your purchases and reading list is omnipresent. The convenience to read offline, is brought via readwhere mobile & tablet applications. You can purchase the content via 1 - Click payment process & the content gets delivered to all the connected devices via cloud based digital library.
With readwhere read anything, anywhere
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