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We are out with a brand new and revamped avatar to make your reading experience exciting and fun! Get the all new experience.

Personalized home


The homepage brings out all the featured content on Readwhere. Which is the latest magazines, books or comic in store? You’ll get to know in a jiffy.

Refreshing Type Page

These pages will give you a sneak peak into each content category; will help you find the most popular, recently published and regional content at a glance.

Publication Page

Purchase your favourite magazine, comics or books quickly. Get details about the issue, view clips, buy previous issues and also know about trending content among Readwhere buyers.

Get a deal

The most sort after pages of all. Know about any Hot/Popular Deal of the month on your favourite titles and magazine subscriptions.

Visit the website and check out more updates!

Bimonthly Updates – Aug and Sep’16




Deleted titles now available in Shelf: The reader can now access Deleted titles in their shelf, if the title was purchased.

App Download Page: There’s an all new design for Readwhere App Download page. Check it out here!


                                               Readwhere MCMS

General updates in default configuration for mobile apps and mobile web has been done to make it more simplified and user friendly.






Punjab Kesari iOS App: A Category based app has been created for Punjab Kesari supporting videos & image galleries.






Jagbani Site Setup + Feeds: iOS App created for one of our clients Jagbani with feed integration.



  • Upgraded the Jagran Sakhi & Jagran National edition to latest publisher version on Readwhere.
  • Punjabi Jagran publisher account upgraded from v2 to v4 version.

Note – Support for publisher version v2 has ended on Sep 30th. Please contact us to get a free update to v4.

Readwhere Android v4

Auto rotation in light version of viewer: Auto rotate feature is now available in the latest version of the App. ( Performance improvement and bug fixes are taken care off.

Download the App.



  • Update all pop up ads, icons, user controls (checkbox, buttons etc) according to new material designs.

download (1)

  • Readers also have an option to access deleted titles on Shelf.


Sports Illustrated Motor Sports Issue

We initiated the campaign during the month of August to promote a special issue launched by one of our publishers – Exposure Media Marketing. The issue gives you everything you need to know about motor-sport in India, with exclusive interviews from Narain Karthikeyan, C.S. Santosh, Karun Chandhok and Gaurav Gill.

Claim your free copy HERE.

fb-ad (1)

Freedom of Choice Sale

We celebrated our 70th year of Independence but this time we though it shouldn’t just be a day or a week long frenzy that we dive into the feeling of being free and happy because we are throughout.

Therefore we did a campaign #FreedomOfChoice because we also have a freedom to choose the best content to fuel our reading buds. In view of this we gave away up-to70% off on annual subscriptions of magazines and 30% off on single issues.



World Tourism Day Sale

We all know what the spirit of travelling is and to honor the same we gave 30% off on 6 and 12 months magazine subscriptions. 


Readwhere Festival Sale

October, being the festive month of the year, we decided to celebrate the festive spirit by delighting our dear fans with the best ever offers. Visit and read your favorite Magazine, Books and Comics  and get amazing discounts!


White Labels Added

ABP logo           realtyplus-logo

virtuous publications

Monthly Updates – June and July 2016


Statistics – Publishers with an e-paper domain can now view the advertisement data in quick stats bar.

unnamed (1)

HTML description in a new field – The publisher backend now enables you to change the font format as per your preferences.


Clips plugin in publisher backend – You can also create clips while publishing any new content.


Publisher UI – Now, more convenient and easy to use publisher backend gives you more flexibility to add new issue, edit title, add/edit section or delete title.



Subscribe to any free content – Our readers can subscribe to any free content on Readwhere from its publication or all issue pages.



The user will be prompted to read the content on Readwhere App while they consume content in shelf via readwhere mobile site.


It’s been a while since you have got any major update in Readwhere iOS App. The wait gets over next month when we bring new and exciting features. Stay tuned.

unnamed (1)

Stay tuned…

Mobile CMS

No more coding is required to configure Google Native Ads in the App. Now we enable you to do that with effortlessly from the backend.



India Today Complimentary Sale 2016 – During the month of June one of our publisher Living Media decided to give away complimentary subscriptions-12+6 and 6+3 to our readers. The sale was a success and we got a great response from our users.


Father’s Day Sale – We celebrated Father’s Day by delighting our readers with a cashback up-to 30% on site and App.


Comic Book Celebration Week – This is something every year our fans and followers look up to. During this exciting affair they get to read their favorite comic free on Readwhere.  ​In collaboration with Comic Con India, there were on-ground events, free comics as well as extensive online engagement.​The digital activities were national, however, the fan-meet ups & interactions will be held in the following cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai & Kolkata.

If you are a fan of comics then you must participate and read your favorite comics online.


Diamond Book Sale – Our publisher the Diamond Pocket Books gave away 35% off on books and 3 months subscription free with 6 months subscription during from 15July to 15th August.


Plantation Drive

Looking at the pace at which Global Warming covers the Earth’s atmosphere and what we can anticipate from it is that we require millions of trees to be planted in order to hope that we can reach a level, to actually think of controlling global warming. But planting millions of trees is a daunting task and calls for a lot of effort, patience and persistence.

Yet it is never too late to do something for the environment! As said in the right words of Mr. Martin Luther – “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”


Hence this World Environment Day on 5th of June, we took a step towards ensuring lesser trees are cut, and more are grown. With every purchase made on Readwhere that day, we contributed a good percentage towards planting more trees.

We had an overwhelming response and we conducted a plantation drive where we planted saplings. It turned out an evening of overindulgence as we rejoiced at the idea taking a small step towards giving something back to our nature.



We would like to thank our users for being a part of our Environment Day initiative!

Readwhere lets you read your favorite newspaper, magazines, books and comics on your mobile phones, tabs and laptops hence ensuring that lesser trees are cut and the Environment is conserved. Let’s take a pledge to be smart, let’s try to restore the greens.  ‪#‎ReadOnlineSaveTrees.

Choose right, starting today:

Monthly Updates – April and May 2016


New Upload Configuration: Behind the scene changes done in the upload mechanism to make the process quick, secured and optimized.

New language added:  Bhojpuri is added as a new language on Readwhere. Delight yourself with this new content and don’t forget to give us your feedback.



Taboola integration on publication page: We have added Taboola as one of our ad networks. Taboola ads are now featured on all publication pages.


Update on recommendations section: Changes have been made on our publication pages to showcase search results based on user’s preference and site activity.Readers can now find a drop-down option to choose their preferred language, at ease and read their favorite newspapers.



Wallet promotion support via notification: Walleimage4t deals/promotions/updates are being sent via notifications and featured banners in App. This way our readers our kept informed about recent activities.

Smashed bugs for Android 6.0 Viewer. Other bug fixes and improvements have been made as well.


Newspaper Viewer v4 Updates:

Section visualization: We give our dear readers the liberty to swiftly jump to their favorite section and read daily newspaper the way they want to, without the effort of scrolling through entire the newspaper.

Dual page functionality: Change your preferred mode of reading with single or dual page display.


Mouse click zoom in and out: Magnify any section you want to read. Zoom level indicators (dots) added in zoom in button in both Newspaper and Magazine viewer for easier identification.


Publisher favicon added instead of Readwhere icon in plugins link overlay in both viewers.


It is our constant endeavor to promote and publicize all our regional as well as vernacular content across our promotional channels.

International Mother Earth Day: 22nd April marked the day for celebrating International Mother Earth Day. We make the world a greener place by providing an awesome digital reading experience to all our users.


Mother’s Day Sale: On this special occasion we gave away flat 30% off on all purchases made via Readwhere Android App from 7th – 10th May.


Celebrate Reading Online!

Monthly Updates – March 2016


Start/Pause downloads at volume levelunnamed (2)

You can pause or resume any particular volume, while downloading, or skip it in the queue.


Delete option for clips in clip-bookunnamed (1)

Users now have the option to delete any clip created by them.


 Android App UI reviewunnamed (3)

In order to make search better and effective, city icons are displayed in the Newspaper Screen so that the user can easily find and read their local newspaper. Other bug fixes and improvements have been made as well.


Check out all new video for our Readwhere Android App.

Magazine Desktop Viewer v4

The page navigation functionality has been improved for magazine desktop viewer v4. While reading content on desktop, users can easily scroll through different pages and in between sections to read other newspapers and magazines.



Content Clips created by users will now be hosted on publisher’s domain in order to effectively track user flow and behavior. Publishers can now keep a track of how users engage with their content.




We have launched a new interface for our Mobile CMS module. Discover more about Readwhere Mobile CMS.
Website –

Readwhere Mobile CMS is a mobile first content management system that takes content from your existing CMS and allows you to design and build beautiful and engaging mobile experiences.




The categories and tab displayed on the left side of a search are rearranged for better discovery of newspaper editions. We now also display newspapers from top locations and languages at the top of the page.




Women’s Day Sale8

We celebrated the spirit of womanhood and gave away 30% cash-back on all women-centric magazines. Buyers brought Women, Fashion and Lifestyle magazines from 8th March-15thMarch.


Holi Sale9

30% cashback was given to users on purchases made from our Readwhere App, to mark the celebration of festival of colors from 23rd March to 29th March.

Integration with Pinterest

Pinterest has been added recently to our social media channels. Users can create clips, share or save it via Pinterest.



Monthly Updates – Jan/Feb 2016


Magazine Viewer v4
Maximum number of our users are engaged with us via Web, hence it only seemed suitable to improve their reading experience and turning it into a remarkable one.


Read More


Touch V4 Viewerw2

We have made the mobile site more interactive now. The user can create clips; easily navigate between pages and read more conveniently.



It has been our constant endeavor to make reading an exciting experience for all those readers. We make sure each diverse group of our readers get an amazing experience. Therefore following are the recent updates on Readwhere Android App.
(Read about the Readwhere Android v4 here)

Download Manager w3
With Download Manager, user can now effectively manage all downloaded content in one place. 

  • Download volumes in background – User can choose to download and save content to read it later.
  • If any new volume gets added in Shelf it will auto download when the user is connected on WiFi.
  • This can be enabled from settings. Newspapers older than 7 days will be deleted automatically.




Wallet Transaction Notificationw4
Users will now be informed about their wallet transactions via mobile notifications.







Newspapers From Top Cities w5
Our avid newspaper readers can also browse and read ‘Newspapers From Top Cities’.






Pricing updates for app only offers
Users can avail special discounts and offers while he/she makes a purchase via App.




We make it a habit to duly notify our dear users about any new volume/issue that gets published on our platform through all our promotional channels. We make sure our fans and subscribers are always updated about all latest updates in and around readwhere. Also we are delighted to inform you that Readwhere now has 8000+ users on Twitter.


Celebrate Reading Online!