Readwhere App v3.0 for android available in Google Play Now

Readwhere android app 3.0
Readwhere android app 3.0

Readwhere is India’s largest digital newsstand. We have the biggest collection of Indian newspapers, magazines, books, comics & journals. It provides the best content for reading on web, Mobile and Tablet Devices.

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We have completely overhauled the user interface in this App Update.

The basic philosophy behind this design is to provide the right information to the reader. For eg. User can filter the content based on his preferences like language, category directly from the screen.

The main features are:

  • Beautiful new welcome screen design.
  • Better offline history. Your offline history is now ‘ last reads’. We automatically save the content read by you in this section.
  • Clipbook to check out news and articles in form of clips.
  • Enhanced sharing functionality.
  • Fully functioning Readwhere shelf to read or archive any issues from your shelf. The shelf & profile are accessible now after the user log-in.
  • Subscribe option for free publications Or Purchase future issues of paid publications.
  • Enhanced Global and Advanced search.
  • Profile Display.
  • clear offline history or cache from the settings screen.

Screens overview

A stunningly simple home screen

Home screen

The home screen has been simplified. It gives the user a glimpse of featured content. User can search the content among all sections of app viz. newspapers, magazines, books, comics & journals. User can also check his cart. (The user must log-in in order to check his cart.)

Shelf & other user settings

Shelf & other settings
Shelf & other settings

Shelf, profile & settings are under the left side drawer. Please note that these user specific content is available only after log-in. So user must sign-in to access it.

Last Reads (Offline reading)

Offline reading is now last reads. The app intelligently saves all the content automatically and make it available to you when internet connectivity is not available. A user can also stop/ resume the download from the viewer screen.


Now whatever you read from your readwhere shelf, the app will keep history of your last reads and will save pages for offline reading. You can track download progress from the viewer screen.

Apart from all these major updates You can also do following :

  • More settings option to clear offline data or cache.
  • Edit profile option in settings.
  • Share App, Publications, Particular issues or Clips on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email.
  • Find the top deals available on readwhere

Download Readwhere App Now and start reading.