Native Advertising in Mobile Apps

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is an advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in context of user experience. It allows users to consume content without constant nagging of other ad formats. In many ways Native Advertising blends the advertising into the content, so that it leads to greater recognition, and higher responses.

Native Ads vs Banner Ads

In apps, Banner ads are standard size ads placed in bottom or top of the screen. Till now most apps use banner ads on screen which consumer starts ignoring after a time and nobody reads advertising.

IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough conducted a study with 4770 participants to study behaviour towards native ads utilizing surveys and eye tracking technology. The following were the results:

  • Consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.
  • Native ads were more visually engaging.
  • Native ads are consumed the same way people view editorial content.

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What are different forms of Native Advertising?

Native is about the content. It can be image, it can be text,info graphics, article anything which can relate to your editorial content. On mobile, there is a variety of forms/layouts of native advertising such as content walls, app walls, chat list, news feed, content streams, which complement the design of different types of apps.

Many ad networks are starting to include native advertising in their platform.

Inmobi introduced native advertising in their platform with few native ads formats, which you can check here.

How can we use Native Advertising?

Do you have ad network which supports Native Advertising?

Yes , Cool go ahead with implementing their SDK and native ad units which are suitable to your content.

But what if you are using Google Banner ads from Admob only in your mobile apps.
Can we display these banner ads in native form which can be more visually acceptable rather than just a banner ad.

Yes there are few native ads placement which we can use in our apps for displaying Google ads with your content.

Banner Ad in bottom of screen :


Ads Native Placement in editorial content :

Banner ad in bottom on Article Detail Screen :

download (1)

Ad Placed with content itself in story detail screen :download (2)

How can we implement this in our iOS/Android Apps?
You will need to add extra row in your UITableView or ListView and assign its view as GADBannerView.
number of rows will be = arraycount+1
height of row should be wrap_content in android and assign 50 (for 320 X 50) or 90 (728 X 90) height in iPhone , ipad respectively.

Hence using the mechanism above, we can enable Not Native Ad Platforms like Admob to sever Native Look alike ads.

What are the advantages of doing this?

Networks like Admob have greater fill rates and higher eCPMs, then other networks. Hence this kind of Native placement will work well for you to monetize your application and content effectively.