Monthly Updates – June and July 2016


Statistics – Publishers with an e-paper domain can now view the advertisement data in quick stats bar.

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HTML description in a new field – The publisher backend now enables you to change the font format as per your preferences.


Clips plugin in publisher backend – You can also create clips while publishing any new content.


Publisher UI – Now, more convenient and easy to use publisher backend gives you more flexibility to add new issue, edit title, add/edit section or delete title.



Subscribe to any free content – Our readers can subscribe to any free content on Readwhere from its publication or all issue pages.



The user will be prompted to read the content on Readwhere App while they consume content in shelf via readwhere mobile site.


It’s been a while since you have got any major update in Readwhere iOS App. The wait gets over next month when we bring new and exciting features. Stay tuned.

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Stay tuned…

Mobile CMS

No more coding is required to configure Google Native Ads in the App. Now we enable you to do that with effortlessly from the backend.



India Today Complimentary Sale 2016 – During the month of June one of our publisher Living Media decided to give away complimentary subscriptions-12+6 and 6+3 to our readers. The sale was a success and we got a great response from our users.


Father’s Day Sale – We celebrated Father’s Day by delighting our readers with a cashback up-to 30% on site and App.


Comic Book Celebration Week – This is something every year our fans and followers look up to. During this exciting affair they get to read their favorite comic free on Readwhere.  ​In collaboration with Comic Con India, there were on-ground events, free comics as well as extensive online engagement.​The digital activities were national, however, the fan-meet ups & interactions will be held in the following cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai & Kolkata.

If you are a fan of comics then you must participate and read your favorite comics online.


Diamond Book Sale – Our publisher the Diamond Pocket Books gave away 35% off on books and 3 months subscription free with 6 months subscription during from 15July to 15th August.