Plantation Drive

Looking at the pace at which Global Warming covers the Earth’s atmosphere and what we can anticipate from it is that we require millions of trees to be planted in order to hope that we can reach a level, to actually think of controlling global warming. But planting millions of trees is a daunting task and calls for a lot of effort, patience and persistence.

Yet it is never too late to do something for the environment! As said in the right words of Mr. Martin Luther – “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”


Hence this World Environment Day on 5th of June, we took a step towards ensuring lesser trees are cut, and more are grown. With every purchase made on Readwhere that day, we contributed a good percentage towards planting more trees.

We had an overwhelming response and we conducted a plantation drive where we planted saplings. It turned out an evening of overindulgence as we rejoiced at the idea taking a small step towards giving something back to our nature.



We would like to thank our users for being a part of our Environment Day initiative!

Readwhere lets you read your favorite newspaper, magazines, books and comics on your mobile phones, tabs and laptops hence ensuring that lesser trees are cut and the Environment is conserved. Let’s take a pledge to be smart, let’s try to restore the greens.  ‪#‎ReadOnlineSaveTrees.

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