Boozy Nights and Megahits

Rolling Stone India

The April issue of Rolling Stone India features one of the world’s most popular pop stars right now: Ed Sheeran.

Close to scoring his first Number One hit in America with the popular song ‘Shape of You’, and teenagers from all over the world are dancing to its tune, Ed Sheeran is the biggest male pop star alive; with the possible exception of Justin Bieber.

He was made fun of his stutter and ginger hair. “That’s where the musician thing comes from – wanting to be loved”. From a misfit to an adoring superstar, the cover story explores Sheeran’s roots and how he juggles his superstardom with a regular life.But pop machine refinement is something he resists full force. His life is a chaotic blur of too much pub food, 3 am pool games, shots at dinner and impulsive decisions. 

Photo Credit – Rolling Stone India

The cult hip-hop phenomenon – Migos are sweeping America at their feet. Claimed to make hits in their own sleep, the biggest challenge they face is themselves.

Other exclusive interviews in the magazine this month are with Indian electronic music veterans Midival Punditz, rapper Raftar, film-makers Alankrita Shrivastava, among others.

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