A Feeling for Feminism -  Collected Stories

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A Feeling for Feminism -  Collected Stories

A Feeling for Feminism - Collected Stories

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A Feeling For Feminism Is A Collection Of Stories Written By V. K. Subramanian, Which Reflects His Empathy For Women, Especially The Women Of India.In These Stories, Various Feminine Facets Are Dealt With Understanding And Insight: Women As Affectionate Sisters, Tender, Loving Mothers, Devoted Wives, And Women Facing The Brutal Realities Of Life: Betrayal, Disappointment And Ingratitude.A Feeling For Feminism Will Provide Entertaining Reading For All. For Feminists It Will Be Soothing Nectar. For Those Who Live Outside India, The Book Will Be A Revealing Guide To The Social Mores Of India. To Movie Makers And Television Producers, It Will Be A Veritable Treasurehouse Of Ideas.