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Highlights of India Today  3rd July 2017, issue:


The cover story this week shows how the reticent Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has charted a remarkable turnaround in what was once India's most backward state. After 17 years in power, what more does he need to do to win a fifth term?

A special package on environment talks about India's future, which might be at stake as the NDA government clears development projects in a flurry, endangering wildlife and forests.

The Leisure package talks about the dynamic-duo of Salman Khan and Kabir Khan, and how they seem like a package but are quite different when it comes to their individual personalities. It also talks about the latest project by New-York based chef Vikas Khanna, who is spending time to research on cuisines we have had since the Vedic times. Leisure also talks about the book, "Maid in India", which addresses a common yet ignored issue in our nation: the treatment of maids and servants.

The magazine also has a special package on Presidential elections 2017 and a look at PM Narendra Modi's surprise choice Ram Nath Kovind. It also talks about how the PM's choice has left the Opposition in disarray.

India Inc(Lusive) is a special package on the LGBT community, and how they are rising towards success and a better life despite the discrimination against them. The Kochi Metro added to the high spirits at the LGBT Pride Month by employing 23 transgender persons, creating more job opportunities for them.

The States section talks about the BJP's recent win in Himachal Pradesh municipal polls. It also talks about Madhya Pradesh CM's aim to plant 60 million saplings in a day and his shot at a Guinness book of world records. It also includes farm loan waivers and, the great dilemma behind beef ban in Goa.


The issue also comes with a free magazine: Women

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