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CONSTRUCTION WORLD (CW)’s journey has been impressive –`and momentous. A significant milestone along the way has been the launch of the second edition of the Big Book. The first one was brought out in the year 2000. It’s time to look at the decade that was, with pride. Construction is scaling new heights of innovation after its marriage with science and technology. We showcase industry stalwarts who brought in winds of change. People who executed construction works that changed the face of the industry have been included in the Legends section. They were chosen after consultations with senior members of the construction fraternity. The ten who were selected have been listed in chronological order. We regret our inability to cover everyone who deserves to be here. In our section on World Records, we have attempted to cover the top ten greatest engineering feats achieved to date. The criteria for inclusion in this list: the projects have to be complete and functional, and recognised for their ‘superlative’ status. We have not included projects which are under construction and which claim that they are likely to surpass the current record. We have crosschecked most projects with the Guinness Book of World Records. Our selection is listed alphabetically. Similarly, we have assembled a list of engineering feats achieved in India under the section Milestones. The criteria remains the same: the projects have to be complete and functional, and recognised for their iconic status or be hailed by industry as engineering marvels. We have not included projects that are under construction. Our selection is listed alphabetically. We have also highlighted global Landmarks by collating a list of projects that constitute the greatest technological achievement. Each iconic project marks a remarkable achievement and symbolises an enormous leap of faith in the power of engineering. They are indeed landmarks for the city they are located in. In short, this is our ode to an industry where man combines with machines, brick and mortar mingle with blood and sweat, and modern science melds with magical minds to build structures, infrastructure, countries..... indeed, new future for millions.

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