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Blessed Days with OSHO

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The Author was born on March 11, 1934 in Bhurha, a village at Pratapgarh (Uttar Pradesh), India. All the age of 24, his search for the ultimate Truth started. In Dec. 1966, he had a mysterious experience that changed the whole course of his life. Then he met Osho on Feb 10, 1967 at Jabalpur. That became another turning point in his life. From the very beginning, he was fortunate enough to be in close proximity with Osho and participated actively in His expanding work right from then. He was initiated into sannyas by Osho on 23rd Jan. 1 971. In 1 984, He received a great blessing when Osho declared his name in the list of enlightened ones at Rajneeshpuram. Also, he enjoyed the privilege to stay at Rajneeshpuram, America, as Osho's guest for four months in 1985. This book is reminiscent account of the author's personal experiences with Osho during meetings, Journeys and at several meditation camps in which the writer was actively involved. The author expresses passionately, "I would like to be known as Osho's disciple and my life is dedicated to only one work that is to spread His message to every corner of the world." This book of memoirs allows the reader to avail an opportunity to view Osho from various angles. Every reader can get much from this rare book - so worthy to be read, treasured and gifted by every intellectual, and particularly by Osho people and pro-Osho citizens of the world. -Prof. Dr. S.M. Paul Khurana A very beautiful glimpse of Osho's life is presented for the first time in this book, which will not be found anywhere else.