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Choose Your Career

  • A Path-Finder For Young Career Seekers
  • Price : 125.00
  • Published on Jul 18, 2015
  • Diamond Pocket Books
  • Language - English
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The youth of today arc demanding, talented and very much keen to explore new avenues. Nowadays, we are witnessing a revolution in careers. We must offer the youth some unique opportunities that may satisfy their career aspirations. This book has been written to give new directions to our young men and women. It is a totally Job-oriented compendium. The youth can choose from more than 50 career streams, each one more lucrative than the other. Each section of the book deals with an important (major) career stream. You would find many new streams in which many young boys and girls arc doing very well. Software, library science, actuarial science, logistics management, environmental science and beauty and hair care arc some of the hot careers which the youth would find in this book. There arc traditional as well as modern career streams. Hence, readers have a good variety to choose from. A note on career counselling must be read by all career aspirants. They must choose a career according to their interest, financial position, the ability to work hard and modern trends. This book is very well researched. It can be beneficial to the youth of all age groups. Even senior executives, who want to explore new avenues, can read it and join new career streams to their professional and financial growth.