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Your Profession Ups & Downs with Remedial Measures

Your Profession Ups & Downs with Remedial Measures

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Your Profession Ups & Downs with Remedial Measures - Dr.Shanker Adawal Profession is a complex subject and an offspring to a lot of qualitative and quantitative things which result in fulfillment, influence and possessions. Profession relates to wealth, prestige and family life. It thus is not a subject which can be evaluated by one house or its lords but all houses and planets get interrelated and the synthesis in an unified manner result to predictions. In the current context with multiple jobs, carriers and globalization this aspect of life needs an in depth understanding from the basic strength of horoscope to the understanding that Raja Yogas present may not have their impact in the life span. This book is a compilation where chapters could interest to the early learners as well as those doing research work. To again emphasize that no book can cover all aspects or give formulae this is an effort to present some techniques and the permutations, combinations with your intuitive conclusion would be helpful.