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Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

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Medical Astrology - Dr.Shanker Adawal The author has investigated the various positive and negative signs in the skeletal system. In this complex study of medical astrology there is the traditional zodiacal sign rulership along with the positive and negative signs. In this study the author has tried to reduce the complexity and explain the various planets which affect our muscles respiratory, circulatory, digestive and genitor- urinary system. Along with this a very important role is played by the endocrine, organ special cell and the nervous system. In the book the author has tried to relate the various astrological signs with the physiology, health and disease. The study of Medical Astrology and correlating it with the planetary influence and aspects is a fascinating subject. The relationship between diseases and the planets has been a matter of study by various astrologers. The author has tried to classify, arrange and straighten the material available.