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easyuni Ultimate University Guide 2015

By Easyuni sdn bhd




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As I write this, I reflect on my life - the hits (& misses), the bold and triumphant moments, the mistakes, joys and life lessons - I’m thrown back to a particularly quiet night picking up calls during a graveyard shift at my first job, where I spent most of my time robotically going through verbal scripts to handle customer complaints - not very fun, mind you. “Isn’t it nice that our jobs are so easy and we don’t have to think or do much?” asked my colleague, Vee, as he played some online games while handling a customer call. “Nice?” I asked. “This can’t be what work should be - mind-numbingly, routine tasks requiring almost zero thought. Work must have passion, challenges and purpose - which this place definitely offer. Without these, what’s the point?” “You know,” Vee continued, “you should do your own business or write a book. All you ever do is write, plus you always have a ton of great ideas.” The air around me seemed easier to breathe, as if immersed with opportunity. Now, I recognize why: This was my defining moment. Even though I’d spent much of my time writing, thinking and talking with people my thoughts and ideas - I didn’t consider a career or business where I can apply what came naturally to me - my love for writing, ideation and application. Over the next few weeks, I left my job and got myself into a PR & Advertising agency to start learning and applying my craft. You see, our lives are full of defining moments. Some we invite; others we don’t. Then, there are those we ignore - moments that would've, could’ve or should’ve become defining moments if we only dared to turn left or right, instead of continuing straight on. I’ve been there; I’m sure you have as well. Having regrets is a horrible thing to feel, let alone dwell on. These defining moments have the power to fundamentally change the course of our lives. As we fast approach the first half of 2015, it’s a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come (or maybe, where we’ve fell short), and think about what you’re doing (or, not doing) to live the life you want. That’s why for this issue of the easyuni University Guidebook, we’ve re-done how we create our #courses&careers; section with the hope that it’ll not only educate but inspire you. We also added new sections like #beinspired, #featuredmentor and #featuredstudent that showcases people who dared to chase their dreams. We hope it will help you recognize and react to your defining moments when they come. And trust me, they will come. I always tell my children, “Always step forward when you see an open door, even if you don’t know where it will lead you.” I’ve try to live off this mantra. But, doors can be scary when you can’t see what’s on the other side. My advice to you: Stop. Look around. Spot the open doors. Then choose: Stay put or step forward. You know the right choice. Trust it. The question is, do you dare? Be awesome & enjoy the read,

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