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Foreigners Who Loved and Served India

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The very title of the book carries the message of contents of the book. Some of the noble hearts worked for freedom struggle of this country against their own countrymen, some for spread of education amongst women and establishment of Indian missions abroad for exposition of Indian philosophical thoughts and spiritual practices thereby bringing about a drastic change in age-old stereotyped notion of torpid Indian life. Some others rendered wonderful service to bring about a new lease of life of abundance by supplanting the age-old drudgery and poverty of the people in some region or the other in India. Some Western women sacrificed their whole life in and for India at the cost of blissful wealth and well-being in their own countries. Can we forget and ignore those noble hearts who shed their lives to render service to lift up an ebbing life of a vast humanity, with flames of faith? The book, in a very short span, brings to light those lost souls to affirm once again faith in man and his nobility.