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Unexplored India

Unexplored India

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The Outlook Traveller Getaway to Unexplored India, with over a 100 destinations, is a tribute to destinations that are not on the usual tourist itinerary. The theme of this title is discovery of hitherto unchartered territory – mapping the small town, its bazaars, its kasbahs, its rituals and customs – and present these details to readers willing to explore the India that is unpretentious. In a country as diverse and geographically vast as India, there are still areas that have not yet realised their true tourism potential. These places are either mentioned in passing or not talked about at all, and our endeavour is to highlight each of these sites as a destination in itself so that travellers brave and willing to explore them will find an enlightening companion to help them get a first taste of unexplored India. This book is divided into the following regions 1. North 2. South 3. East 4. West 5. Central 6. Sikkim and the Northeast The states of India will be divided according to these regions with the aim to practically cover each state in the mainland. All the regions will feature an introduction stating the reasons for the inclusion of the sites covered. Each destination will carry a story pertaining to local attractions, followed by where to stay and eat options. Informative maps will illustrate the destinations that have been covered in the title. Although the list of places might adhere to the usual themes of a travel guide (religious, historical, wildlife, cultural, topographical) the primary reason for their inclusion will be that they have been hitherto overlooked. Detailed information (convenient, at-a-glance) on: • Sightseeing and main attractions • Exhaustive Where to Stay listings, at the end of each story, covering all budgets, ranging from value-for-money to luxurious options. • Where to eat • Pictorial representations of maps • When to go • Tourist information when relevant (tourist offices, must-see, timings, entry fee, etc) • Locations of each destination with the nearest airport and railway station