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Past Life

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* Many people talk about past life. Some Believe in it, some don't. * Many claim to take you in past life, but most of such people do so by putting the person in trans or by hypnotising him. * Here, you wil* know the scientific facts about past life and ways to remember it without hypnosis or trans. * The scientific explanation about past life from this book, can let you know about the past life, not believe in it! * The author claims that if you do not agree with facts given by her, you are free to say that past life does not exist. * The explanation is so lucid and clear that there is no space for any faith or illusion about your memories. * To see your past life for the first time, author does recommend an expert help in order to avoid any reactions out of fear. * Those who wish to learn this technique and become masters inhelping others see their past, can always contact the author. * The author is teaching Psychology since 1978. She is also Master in Homeopathy Medicine (M.D.) & Human Rights Law (L .L. M). * She has been working in the area of healing since past 30 years * She has founded intentional healing system that heals the body by healing the emotions. * She subscribes to the view of medical sciences that all ailments originate in mind . * You can also learn more about handling anger and other emotions and about solving your daily life problems with the help of author. * Contact author on