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Fame, Power, Greed. Pit them against one another - Watch the spectacular flames. It is the oldest story in history. In this thrilling book “FIXER” this unholy trinity descends on the pitch of Cricket World Cup as tools in the hands of a match-fixer. A lot of destinies are going to be rewritten- * He – The motivator, pitted against all odds, by the bookies. Can he see the faces of deceit in time to save his team? * She – His strongest motivating factor. Praying for his failure. * The Other – She wants to rule - by love or by treason, whatever the game. * The Bookie & The Fixer – Armed to win, arsenal at the ready, for the biggest win in their lives. * The Wounded One – He has lost once, and he will give his life never to lose again - Literally. * The Novice – The first step, but already he has only himself to defeat to claim the jack-pot. * The Pure Heart – Her love is pitted against the lure of millions. Will the dollars win or her love? * The Gambler – His entire life rests on one roll of the dice. * The Ringside Players – They all have remote controls, but how will they use them? –The Don of vice in Dubai. –The Richest man in the world –The Brain. –The PM of a beleaguered country. –The Mercenary cricketer. –You & me. Let the Game begin...