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Joy of Sharing

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Believe it or not but the fact is that more than 90 per cent of men and women, in India as well as all over the world, hesitate to share their feelings with others. When we are unable to do so, it creates a strange type of suffocation and then the mind gets perturbed. This book is written for the benefit of the entire mankind so that each reader will understand that not only him but millions of similar people are also unable or hesitate to express their feelings and thoughts to others. This is a bitter truth of life and therefore this question plagues us time and again. The answer is very simple- surrender before the Almighty and spend a smooth life. There is also a second option; find out five true friends and if you are successful, then rest assured that it would usher a new and bright dawn in your life. * Sharing leads to a Good Living. * Keep on Sharing. * Share and become Stress-free. Subhash Lakhotia is the Director of 'R.N. Lakhotia and Associates'. He is in the field of income tax for more than 40 years. He is famous for giving valuable suggestions in tax planning, tax documentation and investment planning. The Director of 'Lakhotia College of Taxation and Management', Subhash Lakhotia gives his suggestions through many daily national newspapers. With his famous course 'Zero to Hero in Income Tax', he gives suggestions to people regarding taxation and tax planning and gives benefit to the people through seminars and lecture meetings. His popular TV show named 'Tax Guru' can be viewed on CNBC Awaaz.