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Winners and Losers

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* 25 Mantras to earn Goodwill and achieve success. * If you want to win, you will have to leave some people today and now only, know whom. * List of 15 commitments to make this year highly successful and happy. * A man reared up a dog and his child. Did not give anything to the dog and gave everything to his child. Child after growing up, abandoned the parent while the dog is still with him. * Whenever you find an excuse for not doing something, you actually deceive your ownself and not somebody else. * Marketing one's ownself, broadcasting one's merits and strengths is vital for anyone, don't care if others call you oversmart or highly ambitious. * Imagining a life devoid of any tension is the biggest tension in itself. * If you want to save your energy for big achievements, my 'mantra' for the same is : 'Don't lake Load'.