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Secrets of Success

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This book is based on Bhagvad Gita’s philosophy and teachings. It is aimed at eliminating stress, lack of confidence, anxiety and bringing in fame, money, peace and prosperity and finally success in life. It is a practical book with suggestions and drills to follow. It will make you spiritual and self-confident as per Lord Krishna's utterances delivered to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. The book successfully explains Clod, value of actions, relationship between mind and faith, knowledge and its aim and eventual success through detachment. Dr. Kapil Kakar is a psychologist, corporate trainer, counsellor, motivator, author and spiritual mentor. He writes articles for various newspapers, magazines and websites. He has invented an emotion regular device "Mind Coach" . He was developed programmes on stress management through spirituality and scientific techniques, that put individuals on the road to self-development.