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Success is Not By Chance

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The much awaited book for the readers of all age groups. Success is Not by Chance is in the hands of our valued readers. In order to be successful, one must have determination first. A high-profile family background, abilities and riches do not matter. Ashoklndu state that once a person decides an aim and pursues that aim with determination. he is bound to succeed. This is the gist of this book! There arc five chapters in this book. They motivate, enthrall and captivate readers and take them to the pinnacles of excitement. After reading them, readers become committed to be achievers and go-getters. What a fine way to start life! Read this book and your life shall be changed forever! You must read from the beginning and up to the last page to understand the concepts that would take you to success. Examples and anecdotes have been given in abundance. Many of them arc eye-openers of a fine type. If you want to remove all problems and succeed, read this book! It is a new way of looking at life!