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The Pathway To Addiction Recovery

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Alcohol and drug addiction often results in cumulative trauma that deeply affects all family members. It impacts the stability of the home and the family dynamics. Family members and friends often unknowingly enable the addiction behaviour and become a part of this “disease”. This book is an attempt to help those struggling with the addiction of a loved one. It is a step by step guide that helps to understand alcohol or drug addiction, its various facets and to enable family members to give their loved ones a gentle push towards sobriety. The author has helped hundreds of families in his over 20 years of career as an addiction counselor and now wishes to help the millions who haven't yet made it to the counselor's clinic. His knowledge and insights will illuminate the pathway to recovery for all those who have been living in the darkness of their loved one's addiction. Mr. Neil Paul has been working in the field of mental health, primarily addiction and marital issues for over 20 years now. From his years of studies and experience, he has a deep rooted understanding of addiction and the ability to develop effective tailor made intervention strategies. This is his very first attempt at authoring a book, to present the vast sea of his experiences in a tiny pearl of wisdom!