IIT Buzzword

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IIT Buzzword

IIT Buzzword

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Fuel Crisis, Constraint Motion, Hybridization and VSEPR theory, Complex number in 20 different ways, Solved paper JEE Main 2013, Surface TENSION of water, 50 best assertion & reason questions, The benefits of Planned & Systematic Study

The desire to satisfy the intellectual need of increasing pool of engineering aspirants in the country has led to the conceptualization of IIT- Buzzword. IIT Buzzword is a magazine meant to pace up engineering preparation through smart work in lesser time. The monthly magazine covers topics of physics, chemistry and maths and supplements it with practice exercises and explanation that is easy to understand. Concepts that otherwise bother new learners become easy when facilitated through diagrams and figures. Moreover, IIT Buzzword classifies questions into various levels and different sections so that students can easily hit on those areas that require immediate attention. In short, it is not a magazine that just talks but the one that facilitates the learning process. IIT-Buzzword is especially known for the inspirational young stories that it captures in its every issue. Interviews of young talents revealing their journey has proved to be a great morale booster for million other aspirants. Other important feature of the magazine is to familiarize its readers with the latest 'buzz' or trends in elite engineering colleges. General Articles on Health and concentration etc. are found extremely valuable by students who combat such problems during preparation. Its cover stories reflect the motto of the magazineĀ—to encourage its young readers to aim for the skies.