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Highlights of India Today 7th August 2017, issue:


The cover story this week talks about the massive Doklam standoff between India and China. As China's rhetoric gets shriller, could the border impasse take an unpredictable turn?

The Big Story this week talks about the origin of the Vedic 'Aryans', a race which is considered to be, genetically, the purest of all. The historical debate gets political again as new genetics research suggests our Aryan ancestors came in from the West over 4,000 years ago. So, what does the modern genetics say about the ancestry of all modern Indians?

There is a special package on the appointment of Ravi Shastri as the new coach of the Indian Cricket team. The package talks about how Captain Virat Kohli turned things around in this cloak-and-dagger game. But it has put a different level of pressure on both of them to deliver on the pitch after they won the 'Captain-Coach' round.

There is also a story on Gorkhaland agitation choking national highway 10. Sikkim becomes a casualty in the battle for a separate state. In the peak tourist season, Sikkim has been slapped with a huge economic damage due to the month-long unrest currently happening in Darjeeling.

The issue also comes with a free magazine: Women, Simply Delhi, Simply Kolkata.

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