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Life As I See

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An Interesting Saga of Funny and Sad Experiences of a Curious Writer Let me tell you something, and it is not a secret for most people. The world is not always sunshine and rainbows. If you are not careful, it can be a very mean, and nasty place. Life is all about moving forward, in spite of being hit. The world and people do not fit into a stereotyped pattern. You have got to be willing to take hits, in the quest of fulfilling your desires. The true incidents in this book are of the people, who do not always fit into a expected prototype or model. The incidents and happenings in this book, are the exact truths, which happened. They prove one thing that there are no truths or idols or models, but all truths are half truths and all idols or models are ordinary mortals. If I had tried to make up stories like the ones which have happened, I would have been accused of not telling the truth. The book shows that change alone is unchanging, the same road goes up and down and the beginning of the circle is also its end. Every generalization can be dangerous. I hope you do not find the naked truth in these pages objectionable Mr. Joginder Singh, (MA in English), IPS retired as Director CBI, after a distinguished career spanning over 36 years. He is a well known columnist to several newspapers, writer and thinker. He has authored 37 books, so far, with many more in the pipeline. Some of his books have been translated in all Indian Languages, including one in Bhasha Indonesia. He is in great demand, both as an author and mentor.