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The months of March and April are the time for Studies. When we sit to study, all of us have just one issue…We cannot focus on studies and instead we think of people, of situations and of things that are unnecessary. Why? Let us understand the reply to this question in this issue. On o n e h a n d , we want to concentrate on studies, but we are unable. While on the other hand, it is hard to forget internet, TV, friends, shopping, games, etc. We also cannot forget situations wherein someone has quarreled with us or insulted us or praised us. Our memory power is scattered,while the memory power of great persons like Swami Vivekanad & Niruma is strong.When once they read a page from a book, they never have to read it again. So, how can we gain memory power like them? Attachment and abhorrence (Raag-Dwesh) is the cause of Memory.Interest is the cause of Raag-Dwesh. And the only way to get rid of this interest and raag-dwesh is Pratikraman. Let us also understand the scientific working of Pratikraman via an experiment. Let us know the science of Memory power and enjoy this Palitana Jatra Special Issue.

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