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Shuklapaksh is a political fortnightly Hindi magazine

By shuklapakshapakshik

Published Fortnightly | 7 Issues

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Shuklapaksh is a political fortnightly Hindi magazine which will give a prominent place to various issues of development and hindrances in the Indian states and worldwide. Apart from topics of politics and political economy, it will also cover a wide range of topics including Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Science and Business. The word Shuklpaksh means the period of brightening moon and here we as a magazine want to put light on the sections of the society which are not been exposed or has not been brought to readers notice. The magazine will aim to provide analysis and criticism on politics, culture, and the arts from those from both inside and outside the local mainstream. Since we will be concentrating more on Indian Politics, we will be trying to give a new opinion and vision to our readers which will be different from other mainstream political magazines. Its for the people who are keen on reading more and gather more information about current Indian Politics. Our policy here is to state the facts and make a difference.
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