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Gamers&Anime; Its not just a magazine, its a combined fan club of gamers and otakus. World's first magazine based on Anime, Games, Manga and Comic. You want to show the world that you are a best the best Otaku or Gamer ? Tell them, we will be your voice. In this magazine, there are review and suggestion shared by fans like you! Read about the trending news related to Anime, Gaming, Comic and Manga. Moreover, there are also unknown facts on Anime as well as gaming. Learn about the characters by reading character profiles. There is also a monthly awards called G&A Awards. - Male Character Of The Month - Female Character Of The Month - Anime Of The Month - Game Of The Month - Manga Of The Month - Comic Of The Month The awards are decided through votings on our blog Take part in quiz, and get a chance to decide Anime/Games/Manga/Comic Of The Month Send us your answers at You can send us new, review, suggestion, articles related to Anime/Games/Manga/Comic,on our email. And join our Magazine Community! Contact Info: Blog : Fb page : Email :
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