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Numerology teaches us how to be in tune and harmony with the laws which create, control and sustain life and existence. Numerology is a study of occult significance of numbers and their influence in relation to us the human beings. If we keep pace with the laws of creation and are in assonance with them, then success, happiness, health, peace and rapid evolution towards the desired state of perfection are assured. Everything in the world is mind, energy and intelligence, and it is essentially related with numbers. Nothing in the universe is unlettered and unnumbered. Numbers help us to know our key vibrations. When the keynote of life is known, life’s harmonies can be worked out by eliminating the discordant notes. In harmony are peace, prosperity, success, longevity and happiness. By means of the knowledge of the occult side of numbers we learn how to habitually vibrate in harmony with the laws of life by selecting the right direction and lines of our actions. For instance, when a woman marries, her surname is changed to that of her husband. Now with the help of literal enumeration, it can be known whether this change of surname is in harmony with her other vibrations or not, and if it is not in harmony, how can it be achieved. The assumption of a new surname on the part of a bride after her husband, gives both of them one more point of harmony in common.