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Pregnancy & Child Care

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This book will also dispel the wrong notions possessing our peoples’ mind for centuries and give them the correct, scientifically explained facts about the birth of male or female children. The first part of the book is intended to impart a real understanding of pregnancy to the expectant mother, her kinsfolk and friends, and to instruct them in the appropriate measures to be taken. The second part provides a detailed guidance about the new-born infant. We are quite confident that this complete book will prove most useful to every woman about to enter into the blessed state of mother hood. Pregnancy is the culmination of the ultimate dream of a woman. It is the beginning of her becoming creative in the ultimate sense of the term; she is now in the process of begetting another human being. It is because of this reason that mother is accorded the highest importance in our society. Mother, as the greatest poet of Modern India R. N. Tagore says, is the living god on the earth.