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Reiki is an achievement and invention of India but it reached India only 7-10 years ago. There are many books available in English but majority of people can ill afford to purchase them due to high cost factor. Hindi Edition of this book has been acclaimed by the readers but for the benefit of our English knowing gentry, the job of translation was entrusted to Dr. S.K. Sharma whose English translation is excellent and true to the core and contents of the subject, hence my grateful thanks to him. ‘Karuna -Reiki’ has been developed quite recently and knowledge about this discipline of Reiki is quite negligible but, even then, I have added a chapter on this subject in this book. Reiki is one of the suggested therapies which is practised to rid the patients of their ailments and also solve complex problems of life. ‘Reiki’ owes its origin to Japanese Language, where ‘RE’ means ‘All Pervasive Life Force’ (that is ‘Prana’). All the living beings possess this life force by birth. This life force (Prana Shakti) remains optimumly charged in an infant. As the age advances, this Prana force goes on gradually depleting, due to variable emotive barriers and hurdles. Gradually a state of imbalance develops in the body, thus giving rise to various diseases. But he can retrieve the lost/missing life energy through Reiki Master or Guru (through attainment.) Thereafter, after attainment, he can uplift himself mentally and spiritually and can also keep himself in a healthy state.