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Couplets From Kabir

Couplets From Kabir

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The fifteenth century saint-poet Rabies extempore outpourings of songs and couplets numbering thousands have been bailed widely for their deep spiritual fervour and poetic quality. They are widely read with rapture and regard by old and young alike in India. Some of his poems were translated into English by Tagore in 1915 and later by a couple of others. These have been popular among the English-speaking people at home and abroad. Kabir's couplets which are considered as rich gems for their spiritual message and worldly wisdom have not been rendered into English so far. Here is rhymed English verse translation of three hundred of them from a wide cross-section of the multi-faced genius' utterances. Under each verse have been given a-few lines in prose to help the reader grasp the underlying import of the message of the saint- poet.