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Book of Love

  • Horoscopes, Palmistry, Numbers, Candles, Gemstones & Colors
  • Price : 150.00
  • Published on Apr 14, 2016
  • Diamond Pocket Books
  • Language - English
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Your Book of Love is divided into six cool chapters. Using a few of the most popular new age techniques, you’ll find all of the answers you seek under this one cover! The first chapter is about astrology, which is based on a person’s birth information. In making this section easy to understand for cosmic newcomers, we will only focus on a person’s sun sign, which is based on his or her birthday. For advanced astrology students and those who want to learn more, I suggest that you seek out a professional astrologer who will use the rising and moon signs as well as other planetary positions to look at your natal chart. However, this chapter will give you a pretty good idea of an individual’s basic personality and relationship needs. Look for the compatibility guide, which lists 144 combinations of who’s hot and who’s not. There are suggestions on how to attract the guy or girl of your dreams, as well as ideas for a fabulous first date. Wanna know what a stubborn Taurus is really looking for in love? Would your personality clash with a freedom-loving Sagittarius? Read on for solid and in-depth love advice!