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Published on : May 7, 2016

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Toplevelpr claims to offer the perfect Public Relations services, pitches and more. The only thing which is actually going to happen is that they'll steal your money. Toplevelpr is a scam! Be careful. Check all REAL reviews.

Toplevelpr is trying to sell their "amazing" services to crowdfunders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, desperate to get their campaign funded. They claim to have a unique 5 step public relation strategy, over 3000 customers in the market and more. posts reviews about themselves, falls claims and even press releases. However, the only thing which is true about their claims is that they charge you. A hefty fee if I may say. Toplevelpr cannot have over 3000 customers. They are only in the market since 2 months! Check it out here: or any other whois site online; They started their scam in February 2016 !! Secondly, there is no 5 step approach. All people who got scammed by toplevelpr know this. They all got 3 basic pitches, and no (read:zero) results from it. If you are easy enough to believe toplevelpr's story, that's fine. Others did too. But at least make sure to contact your bank before you place the order, and ask them how you can get your money back. Because I guarantee you that your campaign will never, ever, get funded if you work with these scammers. Nothing on their website is real... Keep your eyes open! Do some research!

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