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World’s Confidence in Indian Economy Bounced Back

The hand in hand appreciation of India from two mighty financial organizations of the world has restored confidence while creating an environment for growth and stability. The cascading effect of reforms undertaken by the government has been positive and has made India achieve a better rating on a global platform.

India for the first time moved into top 100 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business global rankings. Government has been working to create a conducive business environment and it worked well for it. The jump in position indicates India is dedicated towards augmenting its position as a preferred place to do business globally.

Also, after 14 years, Global rating agency Moody’s Investors Services upgraded India’s sovereign rating by two notches, to Baa2 stable from Baa3 positive. 
The Baa2 category is of moderate credit risk. What is good about the rating upgrade is that it will help lower borrowing costs for India’s government. The ratings upgrade is very positive for banks, infrastructure and cyclical sectors. There will be very strong impact on banks as their credit costs will come down, and will simultaneously lead to a reduction in interest costs for infrastructure and manufacturing companies.

This upgrade has definitely cheered up investors and has also reflected confidence of global agencies on Indian economy and its ongoing policy reforms. World Bank and Moody’s ratings upgrade is a testimony of the fact that India is on the right trajectory of development. Along with correcting reforms, the government was able put in place other factors like Inflation has come down, external deficit has been reduced, foreign exchange reserves is much stronger than before. There are also prospects of growth in private investment in India in 2018-19, although it will remain challenging in the short run.

Investors India for the month of December has a lot to offer. Our Cover Story is  for our readers who are existing Mutual Fund investors as well as those who are considering making a beginning. We bring for you an interesting “A” to “Z” guide of investing in Mutual Funds and we hope it will be found useful. Also, as this financial is going to get over in few months, here we bring for you some tips to Make sure that your tax savings is in line with your life goals. In our Lifestyle Planning section this month, we bring to you some ideas to relax, to care for yourself, just through a simple smile. Know how a free of cost laughter therapy can work miracles to help you overcome stress and stress related illnesses in this competitive world.

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GST: Freedom from Archaic Laws


Recently, we accomplished the silver jubilee of our economic liberalization. Year 1991 was the year reforms, a year of inception, when we unbridled our economy of restraint.

With GST Bill we are on our way to re-write the fate of prevailing archaic laws. The GST will perhaps be the single most important reform stimulus since 1991-92. If the bill is passed, 2016 will witness transformation in the Indian Economy.

It will help create a unified market, which would enable seamless movement of goods across states and simultaneously boost production. And therefore, put India’s fiscal system on the cutting edge of the world market economies. 2016 will witness transformation in the Indian Economy.


The world is undergoing turbulences, one after another, but India, however, appears to be much better placed. The dependence on domestic markets is the core reason of being safer but reforms in financial sector by the government and large forex reserves provides additional cushion against any internal and external market volatility.

This month, Investors India presents our readers with International Mutual Funds, a way to diversify a part of your portfolio, globally. The Cover Story of the month will reveal the methods you should follow to achieve complete financial freedom by effortlessly meeting your financial goals. Furthermore, you can also make your health better with tips on healthy liver in our section: Lifestyle Planning. 



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