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  • What to do When the BULLS are on a RAMPAGE?
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  • Published on Jun 1, 2017
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Modi’ Convoy to Eurasia

Soon after the G7 summit came to an end, a turf was seen rising among some of the oldest alliances. The ties between US and Europe seems dwindling and falling apart. Where the US has chosen to tread a separate path, Germany has decided to “take its fate into its own hands”. This transatlantic friendship is hit severely by the wave of deglobalization and we can say that a new era of protectionism is sprouting.

But, unlike this, India’s course of trade-policies touch every nation and every corner of the world. To encourage business and investment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kicked-off his four-nation tour opening with Germany, which is a valuable partner in India’s transformation.

Due to US ‘America First’ policy, Indian IT sector is going through hardship, right now. Developing a new cyber-security arrangements with Germany and Spain may help India enter agreements covering the whole of European Union in future. This may benefit India develop new markets for jobs and IT projects in Europe, instead of totally depending on the US.

We are aware that Russia and India share decades-old strategic partnership. This year, the two nations will celebrate their 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations by making 2017 a special year in the history of their relations. Where on one hand, India will be rekindling its friendship with Russia while on the other it will initiate brand-new association with French President Macron.

Maybe some countries have now closed their doors, but some are finding this the right time to form new alliances. This is the dawn of a new order in trade and business, where may be India will act as a hegemon to lead countries in restructuring the old global system of trade.

We compile up-to-date financial information and news to apprise our readers regarding latest trends and changes in the Industry.  The June edition of Investors India will offer you information of current market scenario. Our Cover Story may help you get some tips on how you can manage your portfolio while the Sensex and the Nifty are touching new highs. Also read in detail how RERA Act will ensure sale of real estate properties, in an efficient and transparent manner thereby shielding buyers interest. Amidst the situation where Obesity has taken over half of the world, you can go through our Lifestyle section and find out how by eating healthy food one can fight fat and maintain weight easily.

GST: Freedom from Archaic Laws


Recently, we accomplished the silver jubilee of our economic liberalization. Year 1991 was the year reforms, a year of inception, when we unbridled our economy of restraint.

With GST Bill we are on our way to re-write the fate of prevailing archaic laws. The GST will perhaps be the single most important reform stimulus since 1991-92. If the bill is passed, 2016 will witness transformation in the Indian Economy.

It will help create a unified market, which would enable seamless movement of goods across states and simultaneously boost production. And therefore, put India’s fiscal system on the cutting edge of the world market economies. 2016 will witness transformation in the Indian Economy.


The world is undergoing turbulences, one after another, but India, however, appears to be much better placed. The dependence on domestic markets is the core reason of being safer but reforms in financial sector by the government and large forex reserves provides additional cushion against any internal and external market volatility.

This month, Investors India presents our readers with International Mutual Funds, a way to diversify a part of your portfolio, globally. The Cover Story of the month will reveal the methods you should follow to achieve complete financial freedom by effortlessly meeting your financial goals. Furthermore, you can also make your health better with tips on healthy liver in our section: Lifestyle Planning. 



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