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Outlook Hindi

Outlook Hindi

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cover story

1.    Three years of Modi government: Two years  left to Answer

Three years of Modi Government produces huge promises and many innovative schemes but ground realities are not changing fast. Govt. would have to find some solace in next two years.With Interview of chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian and colm. of T.Haque, head, land policy cell, Niti Ayog

2.    160th anniversary of 1857 Revolt

Irfan Habib, Amar Farooqui, Sohail Hashmi, Kuldeep Kumar on the  First Revolt against Colonial Imperealism.


3.    Decade of 1990's unrest is again gaining ground in Kashmir. Youths are eager  to advance the battle from stones to guns.

4.    Will Rahul agenda rejuvinate t he Congress, who is planing to take the mantle of the party very soon.

5.    China's One Belt One Road initiative will may give it more liverage in world affairs. America is already leaving ground. What will be the India's response

6.    In the Age of T-20 the Test Cricket

7.    Hindi film: Now Noise is music



Read by the modern and progressive Hindi reader, Outlook Hindi is a complete current affairs and general interest fortnightly for the well informed and concerned citizens, cultured people, conscious consumers, sensitive human beings and sensible families. It tracks a wide range of issues from politics and policy, economy and society to international affairs, literature and culture, personal finance and films, travel and spiritualism, and family and relationships. Instead of routine coverage, it provides deep analysis, thorough investigation, exclusive insights and an original angle. All packed with an aesthetic design and layout. In short, Outlook Hindi is a magazine with a firm outlook and attitude that provides a whole worldview in its interesting coverage and pleasant features.

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