Marie Claire

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Marie Claire

Marie Claire

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14 Editor’s Letter 18 Toy Story: We never forget the toys we had when we were young and go through life wishing we could relive those memories. Photographer Gabriele Galimberti captures young ones in the prime of their childhood as they display their wealth with pride Style book 24 Trendsetters 26 Must have Fashion 28 Jewellery 29 Belts 30 Bags 31 Watches 36 Beauty Trend Makeup 38 Beauty Trend Hair 42 Beauty Dossier Carolyn Newman 43 Designer Dossier Andreas Melbostad Features 46 ON THE COVER Alia Bhatt – Rookie Superstar: Born into and schooled in Bollywood, the young actor talks about why she likes her own company, distrusts high heels, doesn’t take advice from her dad and is adored by children 52 ON THE COVER Fist of Fury: These ironwilled women from Assam, West Bengal and Haryana are jabbing at hardship, poverty and subjugation, with the hope of striking gold in life 58 Nannies of the Rich and Famous: Being trained to care for the world’s most privileged children is no walk in the park. We find out what it takes to become a modern-day Mary Poppins. Kate and Will may well be calling in soon 62 ON THE COVER Diary of a Disaster: The Uttarakhand floods claimed thousands of lives and wreaked havoc for over a week. Sathya Saran gives a first-person account of a death-defying experience that started off as a mountain trek 62 ON THE COVER Yoko Ono: A Ignored as a child, ridiculed as an adult, life hasn’t always been easy for Yoko Ono. Yet she has defied her critics to become a respected artist – and now, at 80, she’s busier than ever 80 Tarun Tahiliani: He might sport a stern, patriarchal persona, but India’s ace couturier reveals he likes to crack a joke at his own expense

Marie Claire, the international fashion magazine is originated from France and has over 34 editions across the world. Marie Claire, France was founded in Paris in 1937, thus brings a legacy with it.It offers practical fashion tips showcasing products from India and abroad. It covers fashion that is aspirational and accessible.Marie Claire has introduced ‘Made in India Fashion Awards’ for excellence in Indian fashion. It is first of its kind in India. Marie Claire brings out a mixture of socially relevant features, which urge the readers to think and act.It has also spearheaded two strong campaigns - “Let Me Be Me”, a movement against moral policing and followed it up with another campaign called “What Women Want”.