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one are the days when a good old Ambassador, Fiat or Standard would catch our fancy. Cars have advanced tremendously in the last century and in today’s day and age of rapidly evolving trends, carmakers are continuously trying to advance their techniques and come up with mind-blowing concepts. For the most part, the cars that are currently under development appear to be straight out of a science fiction film rather than one on a real life road.
The current heartthrob of Telugu cinema, Arjun Reddy starrer Vijay Devarakonda dons our cover this week alongside the all-new uber stylish BMW 5 series car. His attractive features and charming personality instantly emanated on our team during the making of the cover. Read about his journey, controversies, and inspirations in Cover Story.
Taking the theme of automobiles forward, in People we have racer Arjun Narayan who won three consecutive championships in touring cars in the last three years. Currently participating in the Indian National Touring Car Championship, this Hyderabadi lad has aspirations of driving the TCR Championship in Europe next, and hopes to see himself in a British touring car in the future.
Do road trips make you nauseas? Or does the thought of long drives create discomfort in your stomach? Then this week’s Mind & Body is worth a read. It lists out some natural remedies that can prevent feeling nauseous or giddy before and while on a road trip.
ast but not least, Grand Getaways is a beautiful mini travelogue on Urmez Bhote’s trip to Ladakh. Having already been there five times before, he tells us what intrigues him so much about the place so as to make him return every few months.
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