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A South Indian Treatise on the Kamasastra

By Abhinav Publications


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The Rati-Ratna-Pradipika, a minor text on erotica written in South India by a member of the Wadiyar royal family, is translated and annotated here with scholarly appara­tus and academic understanding of sexual mechanics by a member of the Wadiyar royal family 350 years later. While the origi­nal text is incomplete, the treatment of the text by Sivapriyananda will make it a wel­come contribution to India's very popular ancient erotica. Sivapriyananda has made a distinct departure from the traditional presentations of erotic textual and visual material. The art work accompanying the text is by 'Ganjifa' Raghupati Bhatta, per­haps India's foremost contemporary erotic artist and complements both the ancient text and the very modern annotations to the text.

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