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Art in Art

Art in Art

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Position of the Creative Arts in Society raises certain questions in the minds of people, specially those who are concerned with them. Why art, and its need for human expression? How is art to be evaluated? What are the different levels on which expression through art takes place? What separates good art from bad art? How does art document and communicate? What is Beauty, and how do recent trends reflect its changing connotation? Difficult as these questions are, they need to be answered in a way which makes art more meaningful. After wielding the brush, playing the sitar, interacting with other creative arts, administrating and teaching for decades, Omprakash Sharma has put together all his experiences to present a holistic view of the Arts. Thus the ideas expressed in this book are of someone who has himself been involved in the process of creating art-its ecstasies, trials and agonies. This lends the book a purposeful subjectivity. At the same time, the numerous references or observations made by others in their creative journey impart to it a vital objectivity. The Creative Arts have generated tremendous interest and dialogue in the past few decades. Therefore such a book was greatly needed and it is hoped that "Art in Art" will bring the necessary perspective.