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Socio-Economic Life of Northern India

Socio-Economic Life of Northern India

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The Book This study spotlights the socio-economic life of Northern India during a period somewhat overshadowed by the brilliance of the Gupta era.The fifteen chapters of the text offer a fair glimpse into some interesting facets of contempo-rary social and economic life.On the one hand they laboriously trace the continuity as well as changes in the socio-economic forces, while on the other they highlight the emergence of new forces with necessary adjust-ments and modifications conse-quent on the altered political scene.This survey not only underlines the strength and stability of the two basic forces, social and eco-nomic, but further belies the common impression that ancient India focused her emphasis on spiritualism in preference to mundane attainments. If at all,India's spiritualism only repre-sented the peak of cultural and aesthetic refinements as an out-come of phenomenal material progress rather than the negation of it.