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Mystic songs of Meera

Mystic songs of Meera

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Mystic Songs of Meera Presents (Probably for the first time) the original text in Devanagari, side with English translation of 101 songs of Meera, the mystic saint of Rajasthan who lived in the 15th ?16th century A.D. Birdal Mysticism marked Meera?s spiritual approach to God. Krishna, whom she endearingly called Giridhar, the Lord who upheld the mountain, was her Beloved, and she expressed the imagery of human love to delineate the agony of separation from Him and the intense desire to be united with Him. Childlike simplicity, deep devotion, intense spiritual yearning and soulful poetry make the God-oriented songs of Meera a national heritage of India, transcending regional, lingual and time barriers. This volume should prove useful to all those interested in the spiritual heritage of India, especially the life and work of the mystics of India, whose devotional lyrics can be savoured as spiritual nectar, by all. The Raga (melody) in which each songs is to be sung has been given for the benefit of musicians, choreographers etc.