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India Towards Anarchy (1967-1992)

India Towards Anarchy (1967-1992)

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In The Preface To His Book On Terrorism (1985), The Author Says: There Is Every Likelihood Of Terrorism, Violence And Chaos Growing In Volume. Two Years Later, In 1987, In The Preface To His Next Book, Law And Order In India, He Made Another Pertinent Observation: The Public Has Got So Much Accustomed To Lawlessness That It Believes That India Can Never Again Become A Healthy And Law-Abiding Society. Fortunately For The Country This Is Not A Fact. In The Present Volume, He Discusses A Wide Range Of Subjects, Including Criminalisation Of Politics, Corruption In The Judicial System, Failure Of The Bureaucracy, And The Weakening Of The Police Machinery, To Highlight The Fact That Narrow Political Considerations Of All Political Parties Are Leading The Country To Anarchy And Chaos. Though The Situation Is Pretty Bad, He Is Hopeful That The Electorate Will Teach A Lesson To The Present Leaders As It Did To Their Predecessors. Saksena's 40 Years Field Experience, Combined With Study And Research, Has Gone Into The Book S Making.