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A History of Indian Painting - The Mural Tradition

A History of Indian Painting - The Mural Tradition

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This project has had a chequered history. It was planned as a one-volume history of Indian painting right up to modern times. The manuscript was ready many years ago and in fact Asia Publishing House announced it as a forthcoming publication in the cover of my book, A New History of Sanskrit Literature, which they brought out in 1962. But I was always firm in’ my mind that the scale of illustration, even if not lavish, should not be inadequate. As this was sought to be drasti- cally cut down subsequently, I had to withdraw the book. I had the same unhappy experience of enthusiastic initial agreement and subse- quent difficulties over illustrations with Allen and Unwin. I am grate- ful to Shri Shakti Malik of Abhinav Publications for agreeing with my view about the scale of illustration. And I saw the point in his sugges- tion that the project would be more manageable if it was divided into several volumes. This will also enable me to update the material in each volume, in the light of continuing current research, right up to the moment of going to press. I am very grateful to the Directorate General of Archaeology, Government of India, which has provided most of the photographs used in this volume. The present volume covers the mural tradition. The next volume will deal with manuscript, Moghul and Deccani painting. ------KRISHNA CHAITANYA