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A Brief History of Dharmasastra

By Abhinav Publications


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The book is the first attempt to present within a sho~ compass, a systematic account of Dharmasastra comprising both original Smçti works and digests written in different regions of India. It describes the contents of the above works under the principal heads. viz. Acära (conduct and custom), PRAYASSCITTA (expiation). Vyavahara (secular law) and Rãjadhaflhla (politics and statecraft). The chapter of Ethics deals with the eternal values of life, which will help the reconstruction of the present Indian society passing through a crisis of values. In the chapter on Society, reflected in Dharmasastra, the reader will have an idea of ancient Indians about untouchabjllty dalits slave women Sati daha euthanasia elements of socialism, etc. The book is a must for all those who are interested in Indian sociology.

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