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Bhagvad Gita, Economic Development & Management

Bhagvad Gita, Economic Development & Management

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At Present We Find Individual Life Miserable And Social Life In Shambles. Problems Of Health, Home And Office Make A Man Miserable. He Finds Life Devoid Of Any Charm And Worth. Evils Like Corruption, Nepotism And Warrism Have Shaken The Very Foundation Of Society.The Message Of The Bhagavadgita Can Change The Situation. It Tells Us That Joy Consists In How Magnificently We Fight The Battle Of Life. Every Individual Has A Unique Mission To Fulfil. Success Lies In Doing Our Best In Whatever Field We Are. They Are Misguided Who Fix Their Gaze On The Outcome, Alone Which Is Governed By Divine Will That Rules The Universe. Arjuna, Who Had Imbibed The Spirit Of The Gita, Had Declared: I Have Made Two Pledges. First, I Shall Never Flee Meek, And Second, I Shall Never Flee Away From The Battle Of Life. Every One Of Us Can Lead A Happy And Contented Life If He Tries To Get Inspiration From The Gita, Irrespective Of The Fact Whether One Believes In God Or Not. The Present Book Shall Convince Him About This Fact. To Read This Book Implies Trying To Open The Closed Doors Of Eternal Happiness.