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Modelz View

Issue : Modelz View - August 2014 part 2

By Modelz View

Published on : August 15, 2014

Published Fortnightly | 38 issues

Price : 110.00

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Cover girl : jenny swan,Featured Model : Jessica Tritt,Editorz Pick : Brittany,Spark of the month : Nicole,Model Viewable : Holly Summers and 9 Modelz View Candies.

An international magazine where glamour unfolds,and New models are discovered every month.Your First choice for new models. Modelz View ( is a Digital modeling magazine designed to appeal to models n fashion industry everywhere.Its viewership spreads around the globe making it a truly international publication. Modelz View brings its readers not only Hot n Sexy models from the world,but also makeup artists,fashion designers,phtographers and information on the leading modeling trendz around the world. Digital is the way of the future and Modelz View Magazine is on the front line to proving that.

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