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In the present context, secularism will only be successful when we as Indian citizens, appreciate various religions and their customs with the feeling of respect and tolerance. We can justify other religious only if we practice ours dedicatedly. The book tries to illustrate the symbols associated with various religions practised around the world, which are used to code or depict the spirit towards the worship of almighty. Some or many of these symbols are not common and you may not be aware of its significance with respect to the religion it represents. We suggest that you may please try to find out its importance from your peers who follow or recognise that symbol. To understand Indian Secularism, we hope the reader will keep the essence of our culture, tradition and diversity in purview, which are deeply steeped in various religions. This way they will develop immense love for the country which protects and promotes its citizens to practise which ever religion they want without any prohibition. Some sacred places in India and around the world are also portrayed in the book to have a glimpse of man's believe and devotion towards the almighty. These photographs also carry the ancient places of worships which also show the grandeur of architecture. There are newly constructed places of worship which have the splendour of modern architectural marvel. Some of them have gold plated walls which are highly ornate. A section with thoughts on secularism of eminent personalities is given to enrich the readers.